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This is an area for listing the goods, services, and assistance of all kinds being offered to victims of Hurricane Katrina.

THIS IS WHERE TO VOLUNTEER GENERAL OR SPECIFIC HELP, EITHER FROM A DISTANCE OR IN PERSON... unless you want to help US, in which case, go to comments under the first post from the top. Thanks!


Blogger Alice said...

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Blogger Ava said...

Whitney Bank Katrina Press Release

FDIC General Banking FAQ

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Blogger Alice said...


This link shows schools, hospitals, gas stations, ice, shelters, home supplies, gabage, power and emergency phone numbers.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Morgan City

To find a missing relative within
the Morgan City Area please call:



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Anonymous Anonymous said...

How you can help Morgan City

Residents of the Tri-City area have stepped up to the plate to provide for the immediate needs of the refugees coming through the area.

Donations continue to flow in to all churches, businesses and civic organizations providing aid, but they need to be directed to where they are needed most.

It takes many volunteer hours to sort the goods donated. To make their jobs a bit easier, the public is being asked to direct their specific donations where they can do the most good.

The Red Cross, state Office of Emergency Preparedness and the Federal Emergency Management Agency are unable to help refugees in the Tri-City area at this time, as their services are needed more in other areas.


please see

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Blogger Alice said...

Evacuees will be able to make free calls

Evacuees staying at the Houma-Terrebonne Civic Center will be able to make outgoing phone calls at no cost.

Bell South set up 10 phones in the Civic Center Thursday. Evacuees will be able to use the phones to call family and friends, said Billy Tauzin III with BellSouth. The hope is that family or friends can help the evacuees find a place to permanently relocate.

Bell South staff are working on having similar phone access at the East Park Recreation Center and the Bayou Black Recreation Center.

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Blogger Ava said...


Terrebone Parish Main Library
151 Civic Center Boulevard.

The Terrebone Parish Main Library, on Civic Center Boulevard behind the Houma-Terrebone Civic Center, has power.

Its computers' Internet connections are a little slow, but evacuees are welcome to use them to email loved ones to let them know their whereabouts.

Hours of Operation:
M-TH: 9AM - 9PM
Fri & Sat: 9AM - 6PM
Sunday: 2PM - 6PM

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Blogger Ava said...


New Orleans residents expecting Social Security checks by mail can go to the Gonzalez Post Office on Hwy. 44

Hours of Operation:

M - F: 8AM-5PM

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Blogger Ava said...


Classes at the 22 parish public schools are set to resume.

The parish school system will begin enrolling children of families displaced from the New Orleans area.

Families should report to the closest local school from 10AM - 2PM

* Please bring proof of current or temporary residence and, if possible, proof of former residence.

School officials will also set up registration tables at the two parish shelters, located at the Lamar-Dixon Expo Center in Gonzales and Dream Center in Donaldsonville.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Displaced people should register with FEMA immediately at or by calling 1-800-621-FEMA. Those needing money to cover transportation, lodging, moving, and medication costs should not wait for FEMA to find them!

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Blogger ICEKNIFE said...

Thanks for all this great information, Ava!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Arizona Residents:

• While it is Arizona's opportunity to shine, all agencies involved asked residents not to come to the Coliseum to volunteer or to drop off water, food or clothing. When a more organized distribution center is established, state officials may be calling for help with school supplies and for Arizona residents willing to shelter a family. There are plenty of ways to help, mostly by sending cash to Katrina relief efforts. Find the latest needs and opportunities to volunteer at

Okay. (?) I am so not sending any
more money to FEMA. Anyone from
AZ know of alternate plan please
post. #

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can offer shelter for small family in Northern New Jersey for a couple of months in our home. We have lots of animals, do not smoke in the house (but do smoke), have a 12 yr old.

Not Welcome: Bush Supporters or Republicans - Fox News Fans - Preaching Religion - or right wing radio listeners.

Contact through

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Blogger Alice said...

New national hotline aims to link separated family members

The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, at the government’s request, announced a hot line and Web site dedicated to reuniting family mem-bers separated by the storm.

By 11 a.m. Monday, people will be able to get help at (888) 544-5475 or at, where they can post or look through photographs, lists of names and physical descriptions.

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Blogger Alice said...

Openings and Closings


Hourly employees who have not been paid this week because of the storm may be able to get money. Those workers can file for emergency unemployment at the Department of Labor office, 7528 Main St. in Houma.

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Blogger Alice said...

Hurricane Katrina Disaster Recovery Assistance

To assist the United States Coast Guard in Hurricane Katrina Search and Rescue efforts,
please submit missing/stranded persons information in the form below. Please do not send duplicate requests.

For urgent Search and Rescue requests contact the State Office of Emergency Preparedness in Baton Rouge , La.

The emergency numbers are as follows:

(225) 925-7708

(225) 925-7709

(225) 925-3511

(225) 925-7412

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Blogger Alice said...

The Govt. Katrina Recovery Site

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Blogger Alice said...

Another gov't site.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

CraigsList for New Orleans.

Might be helpful, people still
posting things on here:


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Arizona Residents:

Air America is accepting donations
for Katrina Victims who are here in AZ as of early this morning.

Please, all brand new goods to insure sanitary conditions.

Or call the Red Cross.

WOOT WOOT! thanks Air America!!!


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Forgot the link:

Thank you 1010am Phoenix, Air America!!!



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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do not know how to make links on this page, so the good ol copy and
paste method:

There is still dire need out at the coliseum. All items must be new, with tags still attached (this is mandatory, for Red Cross safety reasons):

Socks of all sizes
Women’s and children’s underwear
Women’s sports bras
Oversized children’s clothing
Baby blankets
Diapers of all sizes
Feminine Hygiene Products
African-American Hair Care Products
Closed-toed shoes for children and women
We will be collecting these things at our studios between 9am to 5pm
We are located at
2800 North 44th Street #100;
Phoenix, AZ 85008

We are asking that you HOLD ON to your gently used items as our storage space is completely full until we are able to distribute what we took in the VERY FIRST DAY! Thank you again Phoenix for your generosity.

As requested by our listeners we have provided a blog for people to communicate and share how they can offer help to the victims of Katrina and the on going problems in the gulf. Please see


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

My husband manufactures girls clothing. We are in CA, and would like to donate new clothing. I am inclined to send it to The Baton Rouge River Center, however if you have other suggestions please let me know. I also have childrens books. I was going to donate them to my children's school. Now, I want to send them to the Gulf region.

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Blogger ICEKNIFE said...

If you look in the different areas on the blog, you'll find numerous sites in need of childrens clothing, underwear of all kinds, and XL/XXL womens clothing.

Somewhere around here there's a link to where to send things in general, and on that blog there's list of groups shipping from CA.

When I run across it again, I'll repost it here.

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Blogger Alice said...

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Free vacinations available in New Orleans

The U.S. Office of Public Health within the Department of Health and Human Services, in conjunction with West Jefferson Medical Center, Ochsner Clinic Foundation and East Jefferson General Hospital, is coordinating an effort to administer free inoculations against tetanus, diphtheria and Hepatitis A and B. The inoculations will be administered by Disaster Medical Assistance Teams (DMAT) and nurses and doctors of the three participating hospitals. “Public Health understands the anxieties citizens are having with regards to prevention of the outbreak of contagious disease as well as the threat,” says Commander Kimberly Elenberg. “The secretary is committed to this mission.”

Citizens in metropolitan New Orleans are encouraged to participate in this mass inoculation or other inoculation programs being held to prevent serious illnesses that may result from harmful bacteria and contagions that often come from exposure during severe environmental disasters such as Hurricane Katrina or its aftermath.

Triage services are available at designated locations to determine immunization needs for children, adolescents and adults exposed during Hurricane Katrina. Bring your immunization record(s), if available. Rescue and law enforcement officers as well as persons helping to rebuild municipal and community services are also invited to be immunized.

Immunizations will be administered Sept. 9 through Sept. 13 at the following locations from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day:

East Jefferson General Hospital
3800 Houma Boulevard, Metairie
Rear of the hospital

Ochsner Clinic Foundation,
1514 Jefferson Highway, Jefferson,
Emergency Department

West Jefferson Medical Center
1101 Medical Center Blvd., Marrero
Front Lawn of Hospital

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

From FLA (Ft.Meyers, Everglades Area)

Have private pilots directly delivering supplies into various Gulf Coast Areas..some want to help reunite families on their return flights..if you know of displaced people who need to get to family in the SE area..I will be happy to help coordinate..marjie239-821-1342

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Special Needs Shelter Information

Triage Phone Numbers:

Alexandria: 800-841-5778

Shreveport: 800-841-5776

Baton Rouge: 800-349-1372

Monroe: 866-280-7287

Houma/Thibodaux: 800-228-9409

Slidell/Hammond: 866-280-7724

Lafayette: 800-901-3210

Lake Charles: 866-280-2711

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