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This is the area for lisiting general items like toiletries, clothing, recreational and personal items, camping and survival gear, tools, and misc. equipment needed in the cities surrounding New Orleans.



Blogger chubby bubba said...

Persons wanting to volunteer, or give donations of food, water, clothing and other supplies may contact the Thibodaux Police Department Command Post located at NSU (985)446-8535 for instructions.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

How You Can Help St. Mary's Outreach, Morgan City.
Morgan City is NOT being helped by the Red Cross at this moment in time because the Red Cross's resources are being directed at harder hit areas. (official bs line). However, Morgan city citizens are still in need of assistance:

St. Mary Outreach

St. Mary Outreach is in need of numerous supplies. Chief among that list is cash, but other needs include:

—Men’s pants of all sizes.

—Box fans.

—Wash cloths and towels.

—Baby wipes.

—Baby and adult diapers.

—Baby formula.

—Toilet paper and facial tissue.

—Toothbrushes and toothpaste.

—Shampoo. Specifically, hotel shampoo, soap and lotion are needed.



—Snack crackers.

—Pudding cups.

—Canned fruit.

—Canned meat.


—Anything with pop-top lids.

—Pop tarts.

—Bottled water.

—Sodas and juice.

—Non-perishable items.

—Food items that can be cooked by families housing refugees.

—Clothing detergent.

—Dishwashing liquid.

To make donations, contact St. Mary Outreach at 608 First St. in Morgan City, or call 385-0525.

Area Codes for Morgan City Lousiana

225, 318, 504, 985

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Clothing donations for Morgan City, Lousiana

Free Ministries, 7716 La. 182 in Morgan City (near the bowling alley). Their phone number is 384-8865.

Lousiana Area Codes:

225, 318, 504, 085


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Blogger Alice said...

Here are some things the East Park Recreation Center shelter need:

• Unprepared food donations, such as canned goods and fresh raw meat.

• Hair brushes, combs and African-American hair products.

• New underwear for men, women and children.

• Plastic storage bins for evacuees to keep clothes.

• Dental floss.

• Bath powder.

• Scarves.

• Tissue paper.

• Shower shoes.

• Over-the-counter medical supplies, including insulin, syringes, diabetic blood-testing strips and machines; cold and cough medicine.

• Carpenters to volunteer to build small examination booths for doctors to examine patients and supplies to build them.

• Volunteers to work next week.
You can drop off items at the center

8533 Park Avenue, or call 876-3406

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Blogger Alice said...

Please help us to find a temporary home for 55 employees.

We are looking for the following:

Short-term solution

6,000 - 8,000 square feet
Ready to occupy, desks, chairs, etc

Workplaces for 55 people

Nearby datacenter preferable

Internet connectivity

Nearby housing

Texas, Northern Louisiana, Georgia, & Florida are preferable...

Please send any information to

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Blogger Alice said...

Hello Alice,

Can't give you the specifc types of volunteers needed nor skills because Thidbaux command center never got back to us, they took our name and number down but no call yet. We will follow this up in 30 mins.
However, we had an urgent request from a volunteer at a church in Baton Rouge where they were taking care of 200 displaced persons who came n yesterday night and were housing them at a nearby church.

They need the following donations really bad:

-baby diapers and clothing all sizes
-shoes and socks adult to children
-toiletries items of all kinds

And anything else you can think of that might be of use to someone who has nothing at all.

On Thursday they gave out 400 lbs of food and had 100 people sleeping in the nearby church's basement Friday.

We called up the volunteer via the phone number provided and the following were stressed by them and confirmed by us:

-All of the mentioned items on the list
-12 cots
-20 packs of diapers (each pack having 5)
-Food & drinking water is really needed - they are running out of food to feed the ppl!

We got an address for you to where the above donations/items can be sent to: Brown Field Baptist Church , 11998, Baton Rouge.

Telephone: 225-774-4506
Volunteer's name is Patsy, you can also ask for Elizabeth.

Please, please, any assistance give to them asap, is most helpful!

Angelo Embuldeniya.

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Blogger Ava said...


Please call (800) 444-8477 as soon as possible. Store officials want to make sure that their employees are safe.

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Blogger Ava said...


You can send items directly to the Astrodome.

They need the following:

- Baby Formula and Baby Foods (Formula must be NEW, UNOPENED, and UNEXPIRED. READY TO FEED OR POWDERED IS OK. Plastic Bottles/Nipples MUST be included.
- Pacifiers/soothies also needed.


- Diabetic testing supplies
- Vitamins
- Adult Nutritional Supplement
- Depends
- Canes
- Walkers

You can send it addressed (general delivery) or to a specific person if you know they are there, or you can address it to a group of people:

Suggested Group Names:

Refugee Pregnant and Nursing Mothers
Refugee Men
Refugee Women
Refugee Babies/Children
Refugee School age Children
Refugee Elderly

They have set up a special zip code for the evacuees to directly receive the items.

The Address is:
General Delivery (or put name of person/group etc)
Houston, Texas 77230

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Blogger ICEKNIFE said...

Command center at Rome/Floyd County, 11.00 GMT, Needed
volunteers [skills not specified - they need allkinds] do not need

Biggest need was ICE, ICE & ICE!

Other needs included:

baby diapers
hygeine products
new pillows
adult diapers
bottled water
new underwear for adults & children

Number to reach them at is: 706.252.7290


ALSO, dunno where this is, but:

Volunteers needed:

Area quilters and seamtresses required to sew infant blankets asap
[this is a long-term relief effort]

Call Fleming at 337-560-5187

Both entries from KatrinaHelp. Thanks guys!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can you explain online what size blankets are needed,
Preferable fabrics, or any other specifics?

10:17 PM  
Blogger ICEKNIFE said...


Caring Hands
327 N. Main Street
Jennings, LA 70546

Half-way between NOLA & houston. Call city hall (337) 821-5500 – all donations going through/to group above. Address, ph and needs verified – NO CLOTHES for now – they are swamped with sent clothes –
Items needed:
Personal hygiene (soap, toothbrush, shampoo, etc)
Flip flops
Dispo paper products
Diapers (baby, adult), etc – see any of the lists here – they are all the same pretty much

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kenny Tucker, Senator Boasso’s aid, said, “Currently, we're in need of work boots, overalls or coveralls, clothing, house-cleaning supplies, personal hygiene supplies, laundry supplies, medical supplies and of course, food & water.”Senator Boasso has set up the Senate District 1 Disaster Relief Fund and is seeking to have communities "adopt" this region as the center of their hurricane relief efforts.We are heading there by ship midweek. If you have "anything" that you'd like to give, please contact Naples Florida, City Councilman Johnny Nocera, 239-213-1000. We will be loading our ships there and leaving soon. Thank you for your support.Greg Brooks

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