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This is an area for listing the services and assistance of all kinds, skilled and general, needed in the cities surrounding New Orleans.


Blogger chubby bubba said...

Persons wanting to volunteer, or give donations of food, water, clothing and other supplies may contact the Thibodaux Police Department Command Post located at NSU (985)446-8535 for instructions.

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Blogger Alice said...

I'm not sure if this matters or not ...

Hilton Family Hotels Currently Accommodating Guests/Not Accepting Short-Term Arrivals Until at Least 9/1/05

Checked their site and looks like they've evacuated and shut down all their hotels from Houma 50 miles outward at least.

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Blogger Alice said...

Louisiana City Information Directory

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Blogger Alice said...

Katrina survivor rideshares and volunteers

My team is reminding me that we have categories that help people get rides, and that's badly needed right now.

for example, in the New Orleans site, we have rideshares and volunteers.

we have similar categories in nearby cities, the first three of which we launched yesterday:

Baton Rouge

thanks, Clint!

Posted by craig at September 1, 2005 08:54 AM

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Blogger Alice said...

Wiki -Katrina Information

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Blogger Alice said...

If you're looking for loved ones you may find them safe and sound on this list. There's also contact info for them as well.

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Blogger Bill Patterson said...

What is needed in the way of Internet (PHP, MySQL, or other) programming services? Some of us far away may be able to provide specialized applications if asked and if coordinated.

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Blogger ICEKNIFE said...

Folks, this is a services NEEDED area. To list all of your kind offers, please go to the goods and services AVAILABLE area, and repost. Thanks, and thanks for helping!

Bill, I'll keep you in mind, nothing specific has come up so far. However, we have a lot going on here we could use help with. It's websearch, e-mail, and phone oriented, but if you're interested, we're running assignments out of the current thread at the Majority Report Blog. That's .

Hop on over and make yourself known, if you can spare the time, and don't mind volunteering to work way below your skill level.

And ignore the trolls there, you'll be glad you did.

2:28 PM  
Blogger Ava said...


The Ascension Chamber is located at 1006 W. Highway 30, Gonzales, LA 70737

They have set up a phone line at their office to have a central location for calls from those wanting to make donations of goods, services or manpower.

Volunteers are needed to help answer this line and manage the calls. They are looking for people who can fill 4 hour long shifts.

M-TH : 8AM - 4:30PM
Friday: 8AM - 12PM

Please call (225) 647-7487

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Blogger hoblett said...

From Washington State: I'm willing to go and volunteer, but am uncertain about specifically where. We also are arranging a studio apartment for a family left homeless. Let me know if volunteers are needed and specifically, where.

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Blogger ICEKNIFE said...

Thanks for your kind offer, Hoblett! I sent you an e-mail, and as soon as we get and answer here or in e-mail, we'll find something for you.

Oh, one thing I forgot to mention, we're not arranging travel, do you have a way to get to the region? Do you need help finding a way? If you can't travel, we may be able to find you something you can do from where you are, and we have plenty of online and phone work available ourselves.

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Blogger Alice said...

From Second Harvest...

Corporate Assistance and Donations Desperately Needed!

Companies, manufacturers or retailers wanting to donate a full truckload of dry storage product, please call 1-800-771-2303 and ask for the Food Sourcing Department

Companies wanting to donate transportation of product please call 1-800-771-2303 and ask for the Logistics Department

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Blogger hoblett said...

I'm a special education teacher in between assignments. I can come down, and am trying to arrange financing for the trip. If there are things I can do from here, I can do that- you decide what and where I am needed.I'm sure I can find people up here who would be willing to work phones or anything else that can be done from here.

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Blogger Alice said...

Hi Alice,

Ok here's what we got:

Location was Thibodaux command center, Time was 07.20GMT, Commad center says that they do not need food or water at the time, HOWEVER, that situation may change in 24-48 hours, since they are surviviing on a day-to-day hand out. Confirmed with command center that KatrinaHelp team will be doing a status update check on them in 24 hours.

Command center directed us to Nicholson State University where volunteers are being coordinated.

Location was Nicholson State University, Time was 07.30GMT, NSU states that at the time, they have more volunteers than needed! HOWEVER, they are housing over 2,000 displaced persons and need the following items


We do not have a figure on how many of the above items they need, we were requested to confirm in 60 minutes with them. We do have a phone number for the NSU coordination point - +1985 449 4780

KatrinaHelp team will confirm with NSU in 1 hour and post a re-update status check ro INTERNATIONAL BLOGGER HURRICANE KATRINA RELIEF HUB team.


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Blogger Alice said...

CPMG is requesting a response from applicants who would be willing to gear up and deploy to Louisiana to conduct Humanitarian, Rescue and Security missions (under FEMA) within the devastation zone caused by the hurricane.

Deployment would take place within the next 48 hours to 2 week time frame.

Pay will be between $300-$450/day + expenses. We are especially interested
in personnel with former or current medical experience and communications expertise. This mission will require the utmost professionalism and must be taken with significant sensitivity. Teams will be comprised of Search &
Rescue Operations, Emergency Operations Center Personnel, Security Personnel, EMS, along with support and logistics.

Specific Needs: Combat Medics(18D)/Tactical Paramedic & EMTs/Nurses, etc, with current certifications and Communications personnel.

Deployment time is within the next 24-96 hours and you may be deployed from 1 month to 1 year.

Uniforms and medical gear and supplies will be provided but be patient as
this is a massive crew to equip. Obviously you can bring those things you may need immediately, i.e., personal gear.

Please send your answer and availability time frame to our e-mail address: with the following information;

Full name
Date of Birth
Basic background synopsis to include time in EMS/Military/Police service,
name of TEMS Course and Training agency.
State of License and license #
Name and telephone number of agency you have most recently worked with.

Please DO NOT respond with telephone calls at this time.

Jeffrey D. Saupp
Consolidated Protection Management Group, Inc (CPMG)

10:34 AM  
Blogger ICEKNIFE said...

Hoblett, if you can get to Baton Rouge, you're needed there. We have a Church full of seniors from a nursing home, children (one post-op, and two with fevers). They even have a private room for you to sleep in, which is fortunate under the circumstances. We're trying to get a doctor to 'em, but they're desperate for volunteers. If you're interested: Brown Field Baptist Church , 11998 Plank Rd, Baton Rouge. 225-775-2500. Give them a call if you can arrange the flight. I wish we had transport but that's more than we can handle right now. Good luck, and please, tell us how it works out!

12:51 PM  
Blogger Ava said...


The Dream Center Shelter is in desperate need of volunteers.
Dream Center Map
918 Peytavin Street
LA 70346-3742
(225) 474-6688

There is also a Dream Center location in Los Angeles that I believe will be taking in 300 families. Call Matthew for more information: (213) 273-7100

4:10 PM  
Blogger ICEKNIFE said...

WANTED: People with a car, a cell phone, and a laptop in WA, SoCAL, and Maine, to coordinate and lead volunteer convoys of tailors, seamstresses, weavers, and quilters; builders, carpenters, and temporary structure builders; morticians, undertakers, and coroners assistants; and alternative energy crews from universities and companies.

I know it sounds impossible, but it's not. It *is* a lot of work, but it could be the most personally rewarding thing you ever do. Find someone in one of the above professions who can provide materials and/or services. Plan a departure day and time, within 48 hours if possible. Try to make sure that every vehicle has at least two occupants, and make sure the pace is steady but reasonable, keep your caravan safe. It helps if every car has a phone, but it's not essential, as long as all cars have the lead driver's number, so they can call in if they get separated.

On the way, use laptops with wireless modems and phones to get direct support from us here, and so you can call ahead to towns you're approaching, to invite others in that profession or group of professions to join the convoy. We'll be doing the same for you from here.

All it takes is two colleagues. If you can't find anyone else from your town, set out anyway, you're two skilled volunteers who're seriously needed. Maybe you aren't in one of those professional groups, but you have the basic tools. Great, if you can get people from those groups.

Be sure you take enough canned and dry goods to keep yourself fed once you get to Texas or Arkansas, because the closer you get, the higher prices will go, until there's no food for sale and you're where you mean to be. If you need a specific site where you're needed, we have a half dozen big ones and an endless supply of smaller but no less pressing ones. We have people within New Orleans asking for help, if you're brave enough to risk the wrath of FEMA. Word has it that local officials are letting skilled people with gear and/or goods into the city.

If you're REAL smart, you'll carry a video camera, and keep these memories visible forever. I warn you, helping people in this much need won't make you feel like a hero - it'll make you feel like a human being. It hurts the way a long day of hard work hurts - it aches, but it's a good ache.

Final note, feel free to mix and match, but it's easier to get people enthused if they represent something - in this case, their professions. Hey, if they have ANYTHING in common, that works. Lions, Rotary Club, Druids, Square Dancers, doesn't matter.

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Blogger ICEKNIFE said...



On Friday, Gary Maclaughlin of Santa Cruz, Calif., flew to Nashville, Tenn., where he bought a diesel-powered 1990 yellow school bus for $2,000.

He charged $1,500 worth of water, diapers, granola bars and peanut butter crackers on his credit card and headed straight for the shelters.

By Sunday evening he was driving loads of evacuees from the New Orleans Airport to a rescue shelter in Covington, La.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Search and Rescue Common Post in the First Baptist
Church at 529 Convention st in Baton Rouge.
Coordinator there in Melanie Rainwater
They are in desperate need of volunteers to work
in safer and also dangerous areas. They need
everything:food,water, baby needs, medicines!

also, they need you to locate anyone who has AUTISM- there is a camp set up for victims who have a family member wiht autism. See press releases at both these websites on camp in Mississippi....

reply to contacts at either website and/or call Melanie Rainwater at phone# above.

I'm just helping put teams together- I live in Seattle, WA but know the situation in Baton Rouge since the foundr of Unlocking Autism lives there- there's 500K people sleeping in churches, living in cars there- they are over-run. Yur help IS NEEDED!

You will need a car or a way to get to the shelters. Red Cross is turning away volunteers because they are not "trained"...please help if you can.

God Bless!

10:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Katrina Relocation Project, (California residents who are trying to help victims get started in the bay area)is in need of drivers with Class B drivers license or Class A with Passenger to help drive buses to and from the New Orleans Area and Silcon Valley. The buses are filled with refugees who have CA host families pre-arranged and going to the South they are filled with supplies to be dropped off when the passengers are picked up. Please, help if you can! Thank you!


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Blogger ICEKNIFE said...


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Blogger Alice said...

ANYONE who can help with pet rescue efforts in the New Orleans area, PLEASE take the I-10 to as close to New Orleans as they can get, pull over & call (919) 259-0281

(Paramedics) -- they are people who care about the animals and they WILL GET YOU IN! They are expecting our help!

Along with the hundreds (maybe thousands) of pets that need rescuing, there are an additional 150 dogs on the roof of the American Can Comnpany!

If Volunteers can get their hands on any leashes, cat carriers and FOOD please bring it with you!!!

These animals are running out of time! Please get out there if you can!!!

8:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Volunteers Needed To Travel To Gulf

By First Coast News Staff

JACKSONVILLE, FL -- Mission Harvest is looking for 15 people willing to travel to the Gulf Coast to help with hurricane relief.

The group also needs a van to transport supplies.

The volunteers would stay in the Gulf for an undetermined amount of time to help with rebuilding and relief efforts.

If you are interested, call Dr. Dewey Painter at 356-4819.

10:36 AM  
Blogger Alice said...

Calling all hair people

Here is a statement from Debbie George to Parish President Don Schwab and local media:

"To licensed cosmetologist and shampoo technicians, we are asking for your time. We are looking for volunteers to help do hair. We are also seeking donations from the public for products such as shampoo, relaxers, conditioners, combs, shampoo capes, gloves, little girl hair accessories, and hair sprays. We would also like to know if anyone has portable shampoo bowls and dryers that can be borrowed to assist in this project. Some of the children may be enrolling in our schols and others will be joining our work force and would like to put their best foot forward."

Call Debbie George, (985) 853-0079 if you would like to help.

9:38 AM  

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